The initial changes recommended with Kelly’s techniques are simple and easy to follow. There is no massive change in diet involved, rather a re-education on eating and drinking without denying yourself any food choices. Keeping a diary of food eaten in the first week really opens your eyes to what you do actually eat and helps reshape your thoughts into eating food that provides you with nutrients missing in your diet. Kick starting your day with hot water and lemon really starts your day and I found I really enjoyed this drink and felt energised even! Just increasing your water intake increases your stamina throughout the day and you tend to find that you don’t pick at food so much, meaning that when you do eat you eat a more balanced meal.
Personally I didn’t calorie count or weigh food out. I ate meals with my family but was more conscious of having the right amount of fresh vegetables on my plate rather than denying myself anything. I still lost weight, which fell away gradually rather than quickly, however, the weight stayed off and I feel much better of that.
I shall continue to have my hot water and lemon each morning and try to drink 2 litres of water a day, I do this as I feel better for doing it and feel more awake through my day.
Kelly is very supportive without being pushy or trying to restrict your food choices, she gently tries to re-educate your palette to eat a more balanced meal, she backs this up by telling you what goodness you derive from each item eaten or drunk and educates you with regard to how your body benefits from eating these food types. Definitely worth trying, especially if you have found other diet plans short lived, you will learn things from this experience you will want to keep!
Although I have done some training in nutrition, I found that sometimes were really difficult to focus on good eating, when you have a busy schedule with your own work and a family to run.
Before I saw Kelly, I thought that I would give another go on trying to be good. I was prepared to change a lot of things in my diet and lifestyle. I expected to be “pushed to my limits” and having to give up on many things that I found comfort in: the odd cup of coffee (which was, really, a lot of odd ones!), the biscuits, the sugar and, more importantly, the excuses for not being healthy!
However, Kelly’s gentle approach to changes – one little thing here, another big thing there – has made me realise that life does not need to be a struggle, so long you chose the right food, environment and exercise routine.
After 7 weeks on the programme, I have now lots of energy, do not need a cup of coffee to wake me up and I am on the way to doing more exercise. I am super energetic and know that if I can do it, so can other people.
If you are still in doubt if you should or should not go and see Kelly, please stop thinking. With Kelly’s gentle and kind approach, you will be a “brand new you” in no time!
Thanks, Kelly!